There are a number of steps to consider when purchasing a home.

Becoming Ready to Buy: A great time and stress saver is to do your pre-planning homework before beginning your property search.

  • Discuss and list the key priorities you want in a home: type (house/apartment), lifestyle, services and amenities
  • Make a list of your preferred location(s)
  • Visit your bank or advisor to ascertain what you can borrow or CLICK HERE to see what your repayments will be
  • List the likely costs involved in purchasing a home
  • Research sales and socio-demographics of your preferred locations and identify those that meet your affordability and lifestyle requirements

Getting Your Finances In Order: This will help you stay on track when choosing a property

  • Research and compare Home Loans
  • Choose a Home Loan that best suits your needs or CLICK HERE and we can have one of Queensland’s top brokers contact you to do a quick no obligation and confidential assessment for you
  • Obtain Pre-Approval from your financial institution.
  • If a First Home Owner check your eligibility for the First Home Owners Grant
  • Create a budget of the potential costs incurred: Deposit, State Taxes (Stamp Duty), Building Inspections, Conveyancing, Mortgage Insurance, Moving, Services.

Start Looking: Now you have a clear focus and direction it’s time to begin your search for your ideal property

  • Inspect properties and attend open homes.
  • Develop a relationship with the Real Estate Agent.
  • Here at Vested Property Group, we’ll be able to advise you on any additional information and provide you with a wide range of possibilities including but not limited to investment strategies to joint ventures that offer a minimum of 20% return or better. Try and find that in today’s market! CLICK HERE to see some of our past and existing developments.

Ready to Make An Offer: You’ve found a property that meets your requirements contact your Agent promptly in order to secure your selection

  • Contact us at Vested Property Group and we will guide you through the entire process as well as give you a free no obligation property report to assure you are not over capitalising. This is usually most effective before you have spoken with the agent advertising the property
  • Liaise with your Agent to coordinate building and pest inspections, where applicable
  • Read and sign the Sale Contract and pay your deposit which will be held in a Trust Account until settlement.
  • Liaise with your financial institution to ensure they will loan the money for the stated property
  • Use a Solicitor to complete the legal and conveyancing process

Settlement Day: Your new home awaits you

  • Prior to settlement it is advisable to do a final inspection of your new property with your Agent
  • Settlement includes the exchange of monies and release of relevant documents
  • Your Solicitor will advise you of the exact time that settlement will occur - usually in the afternoon
  • Once settled the Agent will be advised that the keys can be released to you
  • At Vested Property Real Estate we can help you with all of the above and take the stress out of purchasing or selling. So please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

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