There are a range of steps to consider when selling your home.

Getting Ready to Sell: Prior to placing your home on the market allow time to prepare your property ready to present to potential buyers

  • Discuss the key tasks you need to do to ready your home for sale – include decluttering, cleaning, maintenance, outdoor facilities and gardens.
  • Use your critical eye when checking your property – look from a Buyer’s perspective (such as what is the view from the street?)
  • Or if unsure ask your Agent at Vested Property Group to assist you.
  • Consider the costs (time and money) involved in making the changes. Set a budget if necessary to assure you don’t over capitalise.
  • Be aware of current legislative requirements such as electrical safety switches, pool safety certificate, smoke alarms. We can help you with this.
  • Prepare a checklist of agreed tasks - by whom and by when and stick to it!

Placing Your Home On The Market: Do your own homework in order to get the best result

  • Complete your own research – recent sales, market analysis and data – ensuring knowledge based decisions when pricing your property and selecting an agent CLICK HERE for a no obligation free market appraisal.
  • Consider what you are looking for in your Agent and choose accordingly.
  • Discuss with the Agent: property presentation, the method of sale, selling price, terms, conditions, costs
  • Sign off on the Agency Agreement between yourself and Vested Property Group
  • Create a budget of potential costs incurred: commission, advertising, moving home

Selling Your Property: Now you have everything in place you need to work with your Agent to achieve the mutual goal of selling.

  • Develop your relationship with your Agent as we have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the entire process while taking the stress out of it allowing you to enjoy it as much as possible.
  • At Vested Property Group, we’ll keep you informed and up to date with reports on inspections and property activity; this can be daily or on touch points throughout the week, whatever suits you the client best. We work for you and want to customise the experience to make you feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Be prepared for some disruption during this selling period such as inspections and open home; this may involve a quick clean beforehand at short notice.
  • Prepare your home just prior to an inspection and consider using some special touches (fresh flowers, candles).
  • Leave your home during inspections letting your Agent do their job, as it can feel awkward for some purchasers otherwise.

Be Ready To Accept An Offer: It’s time to reap the benefits from your research and hard work

  • Your Agent will present all viable offers to you for your consideration
  • Discuss the offer including terms and conditions with your Agent
  • Your Agent will negotiate on your behalf with the potential buyer. Here at Vested our main goal is to assure we achieve you a premium; this is of the upmost importance to us.
  • Sign the Sale Contract, or countersign if you feel the offer is too light.
  • Take note of the cooling off period (the date the contract becomes unconditional) and the Settlement Date. Here at Vested when we represent our clients we assure we do everything humanly possible to take out as many conditions a buyer will put in a contract as we want terms that suit you!
  • Prepare to leave your property by Date of Settlement
  • Use a competent Solicitor to complete the legal and conveyancing process

Settlement Day: Be prepared on this momentous day as you say farewell

  • Prior to settlement the Buyer may wish to do a final inspection of the property
  • Settlement includes the exchange of monies and release of relevant documents
  • Your Solicitor will advise you of the exact time that settlement will occur
  • Vacate your property prior to settlement time assuring you have left it in a clean order.
  • At Vested Property Group we offer congratulations on this day of mixed emotions.

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